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​The WindStream5 is a professional wind turbine in the power range of 5 kW, which can be integrated on the AC-side directly into national grids and mini-grids.

It is characterized by its

  • lightweight design,

  • high availability,

  • long maintenance intervals and an

  • optimized energy yield at medium wind speeds.


The concept has been developed aerodynamically, mechanically, electrically and technically by leading companies and experts in Germany and Denmark.


High performance

The WindStream5 has been designed to make the most of the wind potential. The two-stage generator, the optimized rotor blade profile, the active yaw concept and an intelligent controller system ensure high-quality power generation.

Robust design

The components of the WindStream5 are designed for a lifetime of 20 years. All parts are made from high-quality materials and are supplied by leading manufacturers and know-how suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Low noise

Low noise emissions are ensured by the optimized aerodynamic blade profile and a single frame concept which integrates noise emitting components like the generator into a central aluminum cast housing.

Easy installation

A craneless tower allows for the lowest cost of installation and easier installation by manpower only and requires no crane.  In case of a weather alert, the wind turbine can be rapidly secured, since the lowering operation takes less than 1 hour.

Ground-level maintenance

Minimal maintenance leads to reliable long-term operation of the WindStream5. All maintenance work can be carried out at ground level thanks to the lowering system, which drastically reduces maintenance costs, as well as downtime. 

Individual design

Companies can improve their environmental and climate footprint and position themselves as future-oriented and environmentally conscious through customized coloring schemes of the nacelle, rotor blade and tower - a clear marketing and image advantage (see also "Branding"). 


Technical Specifications

The WindStream5 has been designed according the international IEC 61400-2 standard. Similar to the development of the megawatt and multi-megawatt wind turbines, systematic construction processes, aeroelastic simulations, wind tunnel measurements, Finite Element Analysis (FEM) and Failure Mode and Effective Analysis (FMEA) were used in the design process of the WindStream5.

In the technical concept, requirements for operation at locations with a wide variety of climatic conditions were received.  These include, among other things, a high protection class against moisture and dust for the machine housing, a wide operating temperature range, a long service life with long maintenance cycles, simple set-up and installation of the system by human power only and an easy operation of the system without special knowledge.


Nominal Power Output (4-pole/6-pole)
Cut-In Wind Speed

Rated Wind Speed

Cut-Out Wind Speed

IEC Type Class
Operating Temperature

1.5 / 5.0kW



TC 3
-20°C to + 50°C


No. of Blades

Rotor Diameter

Rotor Area

Blade Material (Optional)

Nominal Rotation Speed

Power Regulation

Yaw Control



19.76 m²

1. Wood

2.Glass Fiber Reinforced

122 / 184 min-1

Passive Stall

Active Yawing System



Nominal Power

Nominal Speed

Number of Phase

Generator Voltage

Generator Frequency

Asynchronous Generator,

2 Levels

1.5 / 5.0kW

1010 /1520 rpm

3 Stage





Transmission Ratio

Output Tourque

Single Stage Spur Gear Box


117.4 Nm

Yaw Control


Upwind Drive with Active Yawing System


Hub Height


Construction Type



Lattice Tower

Freestanding (12m) or 18m (guyed)



Nacelle without Rotor

Entire Rotor


Control Unit

Total Weight

174.7 kg

68.2 kg

613 kg (12 m) / 1002 kg (18 m)

37.8 kg

903.7 kg (12 m) / 1295 kg (18 m)

Safety System

Power Control

Breaking System

Safety Chain

Passive stall

Two Electromagnetic Safety Breaks

Temperature, Centrifugal,

Vibration Switch

Performance parameters

The performance curve describes the ability of the system to convert kinetic wind energy into electricity. 

The WindStream5 enables energy production at a wind speed of 3.5 m/s. This means that energy production can start early and can be maintained even at high wind speeds of up to 18 m/s (gale force). The WindStream5 achieves its rated output at a wind speed of 12.5 m/s. 

The annual wind energy yields can be determined on the basis of the power curve.

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Englische Jahresertrag.png
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