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Versatile for more climate protection

The WindStream5 can be used in grid-parallel and mini-grid application. In the case of grid-connected applications, the operator can use both the energy from the wind turbine and the electricity from the grid. Excess energy can be fed into the grid and is usually remunerated via feed-in tariffs. If wind energy is not or not sufficiently available, the electricity can be taken from the grid and thus saves expensive storage devices (batteries).

The minigrid is an energy distribution network with small power generation that is separated from a public energy network. Here, wind and photovoltaic systems as well as energy storage devices and generators are often used individually or in combination as energy sources in order to ensure a continuous energy supply.


Small wind turbines in the agricultural sector

Small wind power is also attracting the interest of farmers, ranchers, market gardeners and other landowners. In this area, a lot of energy is consumed by the use of processing equipment, heating and lighting applications in daily operations. In addition to high energy consumption, the wind resource in the countryside is often much better than in the city due to less harshness due to fewer buildings and other obstacles that can slow down air currents.


Industry & Commerce

More and more commercial and industrial companies are increasingly relying on clean, decentralized energy resources. They want to contribute to the energy transition with their own concepts and meet both legal and ecological requirements. 

Reducing the carbon footprint is a powerful statement for a brand. Our WindStream5 can serve as a visible sign of commitment to climate goals and protecting our planet (see “Branding”).



Remote, rural areas often require robust and reliable energy concepts. Our wind turbine can be easily integrated on the AC side into existing minigrid systems and enables

- an independent energy production,

- the reduction of greenhouse gases and

- cost savings.

Based on an innovative tilting tower concept, our wind turbine can be erected easily and without a crane. In case of hurricane warning it can be quickly lowered, secured and re-erected after the storm.

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