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Change creates markets

Renewable energy technologies will make an important contribution to overcoming energy and environmental problems. Against this background, solar and wind power in particular are developing into the key energy sources of the 21st century.  


Green energy - a market for the future  


Global energy demand will grow by 33% by 2040. The increasing consumption is taking place almost exclusively in the high-growth developing and emerging countries, while in the OECD countries the energy demand is hardly increasing.


Greenpeace assumes that by 2030 around two billion people will obtain electrical energy from off-grid systems. 

The provision of future energy demand through the construction of new large-scale fossil-fuel power plants is limited for several reasons:

  1. A lack of network infrastructure or one that can only be built with immense investments in emerging and developing countries 

  2. Finiteness of fossil resources

  3. Climate-damaging CO2 emissions from the energetic combustion of fossil fuels 

This also applies to some extent to large-scale systems in the field of renewable energies, which also require a distribution network in order to route the centrally generated energy to the decentralized consumer.

"The energy systems of the future are decentralized, renewable, autonomous and small."

- Otto Reinke, CEO of TWE –

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